A 4 Part Lesson in Layers

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It’s no secret that I love to layer up, and the cozier the pieces the better!

Today’s post is about sharing the 4 things that I keep in mind when layering pieces together.

I hope you find them as helpful as I do! 


1. Start with a light base and build up from there…

For this look, I chose this halter cut maxi dress from Belle Row Boutique. Very thin, easy to layer. 

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A good T-shirt or Tank will work just as well! 

2. Play with length 

If all of your layers are the same length, how will anyone be able to see and appreciate your mad layering skills?!

For this look I layered an over-sized sweater over a mid-length denim vest on top of a linen maxi dress. If maxi dresses aren’t your thing try a long duster cardigan! They’re one of my favorite trends this fall.  I linked the prettiest plum duster in this earlier post –> Plum Crazy About Transitional Style  With or without sleeveless, a duster is sure to add dimension to your layered look.

3. Mix textures & prints 

I can usually find a way to fit denim into any look, but the structure of a chambray shirt/jean jacket/jean vest is a great way to balance the softness of a cardigan. A leather jacket will also get the job done and give your look some edge.  

4.Don’t get lost in the layers 

It’s easy to drown underneath your over-sized pieces, that’s where a cute belt comes into play. Tie one at your waist to create a less bulky silhouette. 


In conclusion, get yourself something long like a maxi dress or duster cardigan, something denim or leather, a belt, and you’re good to go! 

Enjoy these mild temps while they last! 



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