A Reporter’s Sole

The photos above are from my live shots yesterday morning, where I spent most of 4:30am-7am running back and forth between the live truck and a spot on the sidewalk. yes, it was very cold. My toes started to go numb by the second live hit.  I cursed myself for not switching into the warmer snow boots under my desk back at the station, and then I started to think about how many shoes I was hoarding under my desk. So when my photographer and I got back to the station I counted them:

2 pairs of boots ( snow & rain )

4 pairs of heels in various colors

1 pair of running shoes for my weekly fitness segments

1 pair of sneakers

2 pairs of sandals

1 pair of flats

A reporter has a special relationship with his or her shoes ….

  • Unless you want them seen, no one watching at home will ever see your shoes. So it’s natural to pay more attention to your make up, hair, and clothing…leaving shoes as a bit of an after thought. When I first started as a dayside reporter I paid a lot of attention to my hair and make up (the clothes came a bit later, a few more pay checks later that is) but I still wanted to look put-together head-to-toe when I went out to do interviews. So, I bought some brown and black flats and worked in a pair of  grey kitten heels I bought in college.
  • When you’re lugging around an HD camera and tripod, a purse/backpack with your wallet and work and/or personal cell phone the last thing you want is the heel of your brand new inexpensive but look expensive patent leather peep toes ( we are talking about a one-man-band reporter here… working with a one-man-band reporter salary…) sinking into a park path, a baseball diamond, a highway median… You never know where the news will be or how long you’ll be standing up. Plus, that stuff is heavy! And bulky.
  • Branching off of my previous point, reporters need to have a variety of footwear for a variety of situations. I live in the Midwest. It could snow in the morning, and thunderstorm in the afternoon. A reporter never knows when they’ll be stuck in the woods reporting at a stand off, standing on the side of a highway reporting on traffic conditions in a foot of snow, or when you’ve been on scene so long it starts to rain and the dirt turns to mud and oops! You made the mistake of wearing suede flats.
  • In response to this need for variety of shoes: on-air shoes and off-air shoes, rain boots, snow boots etc. the bottom of a reporters desk can quickly become his or her main shoe closet.

The the worst part is that I never have any shoes at home to match outfits…they’re all under my desk!

(boots: Rocketdog)
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