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When it comes to news, I’m an AM girl.

I love being on a morning show.

yeah, the hours suck.

yeah, I suffer from a chronic case of FOMO. ( & don’t care because at this point nothing is better than sleeping )

yeah, there was a period of time where I was surviving on Little Ceasar’s Crazy Bread & half hour naps, but I still like it.

I like that it’s okay to stop and laugh at a story, and yourself.

I like the quick pace, but easy-going nature.

I also like the human interest/feature pieces…but I’m also a fan of new challenges. So when my manager said he needed me to fill for the weekend evening show I said “let’s do it.”

biggest differences:

  1. My normal weekend AM show runs an hour straight, then we go off air for an hour for children’s programming, then back on the air for another full hour. When I got done anchoring the Saturday night shows all I could think was “Are we really done? The show is really over?”
  2. Keeping chat with the sports & weather anchors relatively short and light which is the exact opposite of how we do it in the AMs… When there’s time to comment on stories and make a few jokes here and there.

In conclusion, I’m going to continue to try more things in 2016, and your favorite dress can make you feel invincible πŸ™‚ (dress: Ralph Lauren, necklace: Ebay, photos: Eric Ripper)

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