Are There Thousands of Bugs Living in My Christmas Tree?


Thanksgiving is over, so now the full CHRISTMAS FRENZY can begin.

My family has used the same synthetic Christmas tree for as long as I can remember. It’s a family tradition to dig out the box from the basement, and fan out the not-too-prickly branches. Each branch is labeled with a letter, and it’s a bit like putting together a 3D plant puzzle. Using the same tree for years ramps up the nostalgia quite a bit, at least for me, because it always felt like we were adding new memories to it every year.  I  lived with my boyfriend now, and this year we decided to go out and cut down a real Christmas tree. After a short google session, we located a small farm on the outskirts of our small Michigan town.  After some HGTV worthy nit-picking we chose a 6-foot… uh… spruce? Lol I’m not sure what kind of tree she is, but she’s a beauty! I’ll be honest and say that Nick handled most of the sawing, but I got it started for him. Did you guys know that painted trees are a thing? There were these gorgeous pink, purple, and yellow trees on the lot and I really wanted to take one of them home – but we ended up going with the more traditional (less expensive) option. We bought a stand that has a little bowl on the bottom for water. I read that if you keep them in standing water it helps with the needle loss. The one article I read AFTER putting up the tree informed me that thousands of bugs and could be living in the branches or even in the wood…so I’ve been in a constant freak out about all of the spiders that could be waiting to jump out at me, but so far I haven’t seen any. Plus our 2 cats have been hanging out by it so they’re my first line of defense.

As soon as I can clean up the chaos around the tree I’ll share some decoration pictures!

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