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Happy Monday! I know my posting has been sporadic, but I feel like my life has been just as unpredictable lately. There are some things in the works that I can’t quite share with you just yet, but know that all will be revealed in time. Ominous, I know. One thing I can share with you is a business venture that I’ve set out on: becoming Senegence Distributor #439112. That’s right, I’ve joined an MLM, but press the hold button on the judgment. So far,  it’s  been a great experience and I regret nothing about it. I’m on a team of over 200 boss babes, and we share advice, business practices, graphics, sale ideas, etc. I’ve never sold anything before but the reality is that there’s no getting rich quick in TV news so don’t let the lights fool you. I needed something to supplement my income, and Senegence has been the answer. So many of my fellow news anchors/reporters are doing this now (with super successful businesses) that I couldn’t just ignore that little tug I felt when I ordered my first LipSense starter collection. I really started to like the product, and that’s when I knew I could share my honest opinion with potential customers.

The majority of my business lives on Facebook in my private makeup group “Kiss From A Rose”  (I hope you get the Seal reference), but I also just launched another Instagram account dedicated to beauty products and connecting with my other Senesisters.  After doing over $1000 in sales in just 2 months I knew this business was something I could sustain. It’s glaringly obvious my success in my business realm has been at the expense of keeping up regular posts on the blog. Things are much more settled these days, and I have a stash of pictures that I’ve been building up so I imagine the posts will be coming more regularly in the future.

Another thing I can share with you is where I scored this cozy af wool blend sweater! H&M of course, it’s a size small and is meant to be oversized and bulky. I don’t recommend putting it under a snug leather jacket because the range of motion in my arms went down tremendously…that’s why I’m not wearing it much in these pictures.

Here’s to the start of a more semi-kind of regular posting schedule! lol

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