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2017 is going by in a flash guys. Summer honestly flew by and I didn’t get to wear nearly as many shorts as I wanted to, and I think I only wore a bathing suit like once. Good thing Summer feels the same way and is lingering around with strange heatwave temperatures. I hear that things will be more seasonal from here on out, so I’m forging ahead and collecting pieces that work for both chilly mornings and toasty afternoons because that’s what #PureMichigan life is all about. I found this dress in one of those sidebar facebook ads, the ones that pop up and test your self-control on a daily basis. It has long sleeves but hits above my knees. The long sleeves make it nice for breezy fall days, but the material of the dress isn’t very thick so I’ll stay comfortable when things heat up. The next look I want to try with this dress will include my brown over the knee boots (without the hat, but most likely with the sunnies). I’m not a tall person so pairing my OTK boots with dresses can be tough, the dress has to be short enough to show the top of the boots, but long enough that I can bend over and pick my phone up when I drop it lol Does anyone else have this problem? Maybe my boots are just too tall… That’s just the excuse I need to by new ones! 🙂

In honor of international Mean Girls day 

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