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The Lion Pullover

Let’s get this out of the way: I didn’t grow up in Detroit. I grew up about 20 minutes north of it as a matter of fact. There is never a time where I claim to be from Detroit.

* (3/19/16) – it’s unusual to go back and edit a post, I know, but I think it may be necessary. After having some conversations about the first paragraph in this post, it has occurred to me that my voice and intention may have gotten lost in my directness.

I love visiting Detroit, I just don’t live there. You can tell me all you want that Detroit has a negative stigma attached to it, but it’s still a super cool historic, diverse and ever evolving city. It is not uncommon for a person who lives in a surrounding suburb to maybe just let a person who’s unfamiliar with Michigan just casually assume that they’re from Detroit. I have heard, with my own ears, how upsetting it is to Detroiters when this happens. The very first paragraph in this post was to quickly & concisely say that I was not doing that here on this blog…but maybe I’m imagining my own problem …Detroiters, does that bother you? I want to talk about this. I need to know I didn’t make this up.*

But my cousins ARE from Detroit, live there now, and sell comfy + cool Detroit inspired hoodies, T’s,and even battery pack cell phone cases!

Browse the inventory here.

The weather is getting nicer on a more consistent basis in Michigan, so we took the opportunity to take a couple of pictures outside of the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA).

We went inside of course, and were treated to a short art lesson on a painting of the last supper. My favorite room is the Rivera courtyard.

All of the hoodies pictured here are for sale!

S H O P  V T 7  L L C.


The Lion Pullover


The Octo Warrior Hoodie


The Octo Warrior Hoodie


The Fierce Tiger Hoodie


The Fierce Tiger Hoodie

I kept the grey one ?
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