Feeling Like Yourself After A Long Week

Mariah Harrison Reel to Real Blog Mariah Harrison Reel to Real Blog Mariah Harrison Reel to Real Blog

Mariah Harrison Reel to Real Blog

 My last week was a blur of pick-a-shift-any-shift at work and no sleep.

Somewhere in that blur I got to air a story I’ve been working on for weeks, attend a really thought-provoking class for journalists, and co-host a fashion show for cancer survivors…so it wasn’t a bad week, it was just a really busy week. 

By the end I felt like I was stuck in a loop : work, sleep , eat when you can, repeat. 

I wasn’t doing anything creative, I wasn’t hanging out much with with friends I just wasn’t feeling like myself. 

When I finally made it to my weekend, I was more than ready for a re-charge. 

If your bank account is set up like mine, a weekend getaway somewhere sandy & sunny isn’t an option … lol I listed out some things that helped me below. 

I hope they help you too! 

Mariah Harrison Reel to Real Blog

Do something creative 

For me, this meant planning future blog posts and going out and taking some pictures

Go see something pretty/ Go for a walk 

I explored a nearby park I’d never been to, and even found a new picture spot!

Read something interesting 

I started ‘Game of Thrones’ a while ago and hadn’t picked it up in a few weeks.

Start a new podcast 

Here are some of my favorites:

Dear Sugar

Gilmore Guys

The Moth

Pop Rocket

We’re Alive

Snuggle with something soft 

I have two snuggly cats that sometimes let me hold them 🙂

Organize something 

I just bought a new shoe rack from Amazon … and I could feel the knot in my right shoulder loosen just a bit as I collected my shoes from around the apartment and put them all in one place.

bonus : I get to stop tripping over random heels in the dark.

How do you re-charge after a long week? 

Mariah Harrison Reel to Real Blog

Dress, Francescas

Shirt, Thrift Store

Vintage Neckalace , Gift

Shoes, Forever 21

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    Karen Everhart
    September 16, 2016 at 10:44 am

    The pictures are gorgeous. Where is this place?

    • Reply
      September 18, 2016 at 10:58 am

      Thank you!! These tracks are right next to Oak Park in Grand Ledge 🙂

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