How to Have a Dope ‘Friendsgiving’

How to have a dope friendsgiving dinner

Thanksgiving is this week! Thanksgiving is definitely one of my favorite holidays to see my family, and eat some delicious food of course. Local news stations don’t close for holidays, and the employees that are the lowest on the totem pole get picked to work the holiday shifts first… so there have been days where I end up eating with my work family instead. People bring in food, and do it up potluck style, so it’s fun .. but at the end of the day you’re still at work lol This year I was invited to a few ‘Friendsgiving’ celebrations. Friends are basically family members that you choose, and if you can’t be the one that you were born into a Friendsgiving get-together is a great idea!

My co-worker Haley hosted the most adorable fall-themed Friendsgiving dinner last week, and thought of everything! I’m using her awesome hostess skills to give you 4 tips to throwing a dope Friendsgiving dinner :

How to have a dope friendsgiving dinner decorate

You don’t have to go out and blow your rent money on 6 decadent place settings from Anthropologie, but some fun touches here and there will help to mark the occasion and set the mood! Whether it’s a bouquet as a center piece, or fun cups/napkins/candles or glitter pumpkins… try to add some flare to your place because chances are you’re friends have already been there before. Check your nearest dollar store for some affordable decoration options!

How to have a dope friendsgiving dinner

( love those polka dot cups! Plus, the chalkboard mugs will help everyone keep track of their drink.)

How to have a dope friendsgiving dinner set the table

If you’re going to throw a dinner party, you might as well do it right. Google ‘ how to set a table’ , buy a festive table runner and get to work!

How to have a dope friendsgiving dinner add a personal touch

My friend decorated these sweet little pumpkins for each guest, and wrote something nice about each person on every side. The pumpkins doubled as table decorations too! If you’re not a crafty person try going around the table before dinner and letting each guest say something they’re thankful for this year.

How to have a dope friendsgiving dinner have fun with the menu

This isn’t your grandma’s Thanksgiving dinner! Mix it up. Nothing says festive and delicious like themed snacks. We snacked on yummy pumpkin and leaf-shaped tarts. This post from TheKitchn has a bunch of fun and vegetarian friendly ideas!

Whether you celebrate with friends or family make the day special, and have fun!

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