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Lately, The Jacket

Oh Michigan weather… so finicky. I can’t tell whether or not to fully embrace my Spring wardrobe just yet. My deep collection of jackets is definitely coming in handy. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll recognize this jacket from my feed, and the little DIY cat & dog patches I ironed on the sleeves. I love them! I’m also EXTREMELY surprised that I got them to stick. I’m usually way too impatient to wait for anything to fully finish ( I cook everything 50 degrees higher than necessary in hopes that it’ll finish quicker too — I for real have no patience) so I was very proud of myself for following the instructions and ironing the patches until the fully stuck. If you’re looking for a *cheap* way to give your jean jacket (or any jacket) a makeover for Spring – try some patches, enamel pins or brooches — and there are SO MANY awesome ones out there to choose from on Etsy:

Cute Pins:

 (I’m tempted to order all 3 of these!)

$9.15 Sloth Pin 

$9.28 “Slightly Bitter” Pin 

$6.50 “she doesn’t even go here” Mean Girls Pin 

Cute Patches: 

$4 Wild & Free Patch

$1.79 Pineapple Patch

$3.76 Avocado Patch

These shots are from a super fun shoot — on a sunny but chilly day — at The Ledges/Fitzgerald Park, which has quickly become one of my favorite places to explore around Mid-Michigan because of the history and the climbing!

The Dress, The Hat

This adorable flowy cutout floral maxi is from Birdbee — an awesome Detroit shop. It’s thin enough to wear under a light jacket on chillier days, but has 3/4 sleeves so it doesn’t feel like you’re showing thaaat much skin if you wear it solo 🙂 This flat brim hat is a unicorn in my eyes. because it’s the first stiff brim hat that has had any chance of fitting on my larger than normal head, and comes with a pretty gold accent around the crown.

*If you have 1 minute to spare check my Instagram feed for the short video I shot/edited in this look!

Shop The Look 

Dress, Birdbee

Hat, The Stock Place

Cat Patch , ILikeCatsShop

Dog Patch, ILikeCatsShop 

Wrap Bracelet, Noonday Collection

Thigh Highs, Berkshire Legwear

Choker, Zara

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