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Moving to the Tampa Bay Area hasn’t been super great for my hair… I’m still trying to figure out that one, but the move south has had some other beauty advantages.

My skin is doing great. I had to slim down my skincare hoard when we made the cross-country move because it was getting pretty out of control, so I had to take a really long hard look and decide what I loved and what I could do without. I did the same thing to my makeup bag.

Just before I left Michigan I was treated to a makeover by some gorgeous ladies with Estee Lauder at Ulta ( for my Lansing, MI readers: the one in Frandor next to Olga’s). They let me try a bunch of fun stuff and sent me home with some full-size samples that I am STILL using. No joke. I made them last because I love them so much.

I do 3 drops of the Advanced Night Repair in the morning, and 5 at night. This product is just what my face needs when I abuse it and fall asleep in a full face of makeup. The Recovery serum goes on your face after cleansing but before moisturizing.

I do 2 full swipes of the Eye Concentrate Matrix at night, and maybe just one in the morning if I feel like I need a little boost. If you learn anything from my beauty posts on this blog – know that I work an overnight shift and worship eye creams. I used to search for thicker foundations and heavier primers to make me appear like I had a smooth and bright under eye area, but after several trials and errors, I realized it’s not about creating an illusion of healthy under eyes… I actually needed to take care of my face to achieve the healthy, bright, and smooth skin I was trying to create superficially. The Eye Matrix really helped with that, and that’s why the bottle got to stay in my vanity box.

I traded out my Makeup Forever Smoothing Primer for the Estee Lauder Universal Perfecting Primer, and I noticed a tremendous difference in how my foundation laid on my face. I am so impressed with it, and I estimate I’m about 2 weeks from getting another bottle.

If you hoard skincare products like I do, then I challenge you to really focus in on the products that give you actual results and when you find something that works… hang onto it for dear life! Get rid of the others. You don’t need them.

** Estee Lauder is offering a free deluxe gift to anyone who mentions this blog post during their next shopping trip! (only available at the Frandor location in Lansing, MI)**


Advanced Night Repair

Eye Concentrate Matrix

Universal Perfecting Primer


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