Sharing NYE Must-Haves with desirelist

Christmas kind of snuck up on me this year. I’m 85% done with shopping I think… just a few more items I still need to get. A winter cold wiped me out last week (full on ear ache, no voice, icky cough) so I spent a lot of time browsing different sites looking for last minute gifts, and browsing different shows on Netflix (I recommend Barry and The Crown). Finding everyone something on Amazon would be super convenient but isn’t realistic, and keeping track of 10 different gifts in 10 different carts can get pretty annoying pretty fast. Enter desirelist.  Desirelist is a shoppable list-making tool that helps you save, organize and share everything you want in one place – from shopping lists to wishlists, bucket lists to gift lists. Share all the things you love so that you, your friends and family can give and get exactly what you want for any occasion…or a more concise way to bring all of your retail desires to one convenient place!

Over the next 4 weeks I’ll be sharing 4 different desirelists. The first list I’m sharing with you guys includes a bunch of grown up glittery things for NYE 2017, check them out below:

(It wouldn’t be a list of desires without one splurge piece, that Dress the Population romper is over $200, but can’t a girl dream!)

Click HERE to check out desirelist, free to sign up and shopaholic friendly 🙂

Try it out and tell me what you think!

*This post was sponsored by Out Of Office New York.

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