SKIN SERIES: Arbonne RE9 Review, Giveaway


If you missed part 2 of my SKIN SERIES: Face Sprays, click here!

When I started this skincare series last week, I teased that I would be sharing my full face wash routine with you guys – so here we go!

I bounced back and forth between different skincare products for years, which gave way to my skin bouncing back and forth between different stages of ok-not okay-decent-and HELLA DRY. I was on the hunt for a hard-working cleanser that would get the last bits of make up off without drying out my skin and accompanying products that all worked together.

* When I was bouncing back and forth between products I never fully understood how each product worked with ( or didn’t work with ) the other –  I won’t make that mistake again!

So when my college roommate introduced me to the RE9 Advanced line from Arbonne I was ready to try anything that would consistently give me smooth, nourished, and flawless results.

I started with the trial size ( which lasts about 3 days give or take  ) and after a few days of using the line consistently, day and night, I was pretty much sold. Below you’ll find all of the products, in order, with full descriptions and even a list of ingredients. (Keep scrolling for the giveaway details!)



This cleanser is super gentle, but also packs a punch! I feel comfortable lathering the product up with my hand or using a washcloth for a deeper scrub. My face feels clean but not stiff or dry. A little goes a long way all of the RE9 products, and according to the website the set should last between 2-3 months if used every day/night. I expect my set to last a little bit longer because a couple of times a week I exfoliate with a special wash cloth (similar to this one) and my Dove beauty bar 🙂



You may remember my SKIN SERIES Part 2 post that was all about face sprays – this one wasn’t included but it’s a definitely a key part of my Arbonne routine. Ever since I discovered face sprays I noticed adding another layer underneath my moisturizer (and some good primer) helps my make up lay smoother, and locks in moisture.




Not everyone will need this product but anyone who works a job with odd hours, or notices under eye bags or crows feet –> the intensive renewal serum is your new best friend. I don’t have too many wrinkles in my forehead just yet, but it doesn’t hurt to get out ahead of the problem 😉 This is a magical tightening product that also smooths, and makes me feel like I look more awake in the morning.  I apply the serum mostly to my under eye and outer eye areas as a compliment to the eye cream… and speaking of the eye cream…


Just like every other morning news anchor out there, sleep is hard to come by. No sleep = Designer under eye bags. Then make up settles into those lines making them even more pronounced, because there’s only so much a good primer can do! I used to think the answer was make up, and looked high and low for a cover up or concealer that would hide them. Finally, I had to be told that the secret to smoothing out the area did not lie in buying more make up. It starts with taking care of the skin beneath my eyes. I’ve been using RE9 for a few weeks now and apply the eye at night usually. I’m loving the quick results, and find that I’m using less under eye make up, and I’m more confident on my #nomakeup days! 


The RE9 Line come with 3 different moisturizers: the restorative cream, the extra moisture restorative cream, and the night repair cream. I opted for the regular restorative cream (without SPF, but SPF is available!) and it works great. My skin is hydrated and ready to be primed for my daily make up. Sometimes the consistency of a cream can be off-putting whether it’s too oily.. or too lotiony.. or leaves you feeling glossy. The RE9 restorative cream is light and creamy – no gloss!

STEP 5 (night)

As night creams go this one is super hydrating, and a heavier than the restorative cream.

My day and night routine are fairly similar the only difference is I swap this moisturizer in for step 5 when it’s bed time. I know I already said it once – but a little goes a long way with this stuff which is why I like to dot under my eyes, along the bridge of my nose, my forehead, and then finally my chin to make sure I cover as much surface area as possible using the least amount of product as possible.

Click here to browse and purchase any of the RE9 Advanced products!

To watch a video of me washing my face and to see these babies in action, click here!


My super awesome friend Diana is an Arbonne distributor and without her I wouldn’t know about all of their amazing products, which extend far beyond skincare. When I told her about my skin series she happily agreed to team up for an RE9 Advanced giveaway! Woohooo!!! One of you lucky readers will get the chance to win a trial sample of the ENTIRE RE9 Advanced skincare line, which is how I fell in love with these products — hopefully you will too 🙂 Diana is also offering the winner a sample of the Arbonne Detox Mask , reviewed in SKIN SERIES, Part 1 (read it here!

Easy Entry Rules: (links are provided below)

  1. “Like” Casually Curious on Facebook
  2. Join the Facebook Group ‘Diana Covarrubias Arbonne Life” to get the latest deals/steals/Arbonne news. (and there will be more giveaways!) 
  3. Once you join the group, take a #nomakeup selfie with the skincare products you currently use and post it! 

Diana will announce and reach out to the winner in the group on Monday, and the RE9 sample set will be sent to you shortly after! 

Easy peasy, good luck! 

*No purchase necessary, only open to US residents 

That’ll do it for my 3 part skin series! I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did 🙂


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