SKIN SERIES: Face Sprays

(Missed part 1 on face masks and patches? Read it here!)

Remember those spray bottles with the fan blades attached near the nozzle? If you went on a family vacation to Disney World or Cedar Point in the early 2000’s you either had one, or  you were envious of the family in front of you in line cooling their misted faces.

Guess what! You can still mist your face amusement park style, and you don’t even have to ruin your make up! In Part 2 of my 3 Part SKIN SERIES I’m going to rant about how much I LOVE face sprays.. from setting spray to moisturizers — I truly love misting my face, and now I’m going to share that love with all of you!

Sprayers come in all different shapes, sizes and benefits.


I googled “Toner” and found this:  an astringent liquid applied to the skin to reduce oiliness and improve its condition. I’ll admit I didn’t know what the exact definition of Toner was before I sat down to write this, but I get it now. I love spritzing my face with toner, rubbing in some moisturizer and stepping out the door! There are all different kinds of toners out on the market, but I seem to gravitate towards the ones that include rose or coconut as active ingredients like the LUSH Eau Roma Water & the the Kopari Coconut Rose Toner.

The LUSH Eau Roma Water is all vegan, and includes lavender as an active ingredient which works to balance your oils and combines with the rose aroma to lighten your mood and helps keep you grounded. I will literally drench my face in this stuff, and anyone who may be sitting nearby. You really can’t go wrong using any of the LUSH Toner Sprays – and none of them contain alcohol.

I was introduced to the Kopari Coconut Rose Toner in a monthly subscription box, and was hooked from the start. This rosey toner has an awesome smell, reduces your pores, and calms any redness around your face. My boyfriend even likes a spritz every once in a while 😉

I usually spray toners before putting on make up, but the LUSH Eau Roma is good to spray any time.

Setting Spray 

The Too-Faced Hangover 3-in-1 Replenishing & Priming Spray is a primer, setting spray, and moisturizer all in one bottle – imagine all the space you’ll save in your make up bag!

Similar to the Kopari Toner , the Too-Faced spray is coconut infused too making it super hydrating and literally breathes life back into my crusty face after a long day at work.  When moisturizing the spray leaves a dewy glowing effect that makes me feel like I’ve just put my make up on.  The ladies at Sephora were practically SCREAMING about this spray when I walked in looking for a  product to make my make up lay smoother. Something like 4 different sales associates told me they had bought it recently and were obsessed with it. Consider me fully converted.


The three beauty companies mentioned in this post are all cruelty free ( !! ) so feel free to browse around their other products guilt-free 🙂

Stay tuned for the third and final post in my SKIN SERIES, I’ll tell you more about what kind of skin I have and the beauty routine that I’m more-or-less sticking to (at the moment lol )

Thanks for reading!



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