The Importance of Having a Vegetable Brush


I lived in Pontiac, MI for approximately 18 1/2 years (my parents and youngest sister still live there) and not once have I ever been to the Oakland County Farmers Market. It’s not hard to get to, and has a year-long standing building in Waterford where you can find anything from organic soap and honey to fresh blooms and produce.  I became more aware of supporting local farms, and being more conscious about what I eat during my senior year of college while working at a small vegetarian cafe and tea bar that served produce from local growers. For some reason I had a clear picture that fresh produce and farm-to-table eating was way out of a college student’s budget.  As soon as I learned that wasn’t the case I started checking out the schedule of local markets, stopping at roadside stands and never looked back.

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A big difference between buying produce from a market versus a grocery store is the availability of pre-washed fruits & veggies (although my mom washed them anyway).  When buying produce from the market and washing them at home, things go way easier and get way cleaner if you use a vegetable brush. You don’t need a super fancy one from William Sonoma or anything, you can grab one from your local dollar store. There are ones with brush bristles or rubber bristles, personally I like the rubber bristles on softer produce like strawberries and tomatoes. Scroll down to see the one I use at home. Make sure to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds ( no really, count to 20) , and wipe down all surfaces including your sink and counter.

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The rhubarb and strawberries went right to my grandmother to be made into a delicious pie, and my dad chopped & grilled some of those asparagus stalks for dinner that night. #yum

Thanks for reading, and happy shopping!


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