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The post-vacations blues are a real thing, and the only cure is to plan another adventure! I’m pretty sure I want that adventure to be another music festival…and that’s going to take a little research. The only other music festivals I’ve heard of are Lollapalooza and Bonnaroo, and both line up posters look pretty good. There’s also Electric Forest…but there’s only a couple of DJs that I know on that line up. If you know of any other ones leave a comment!

A 2018 Coachella camping trip will happen (we’ll fly next time).  I have a pretty good idea of what we’ll take with us and what we should leave behind. You live and you learn. For example, the propane hot plate will come with us next time, we’ll leave the shade tent at home along with my backpack – because my backpack is most definitely staying home.

Backpacks aren’t for everyone

It’s only fair that I start with the positives: backpacks allow you to carry a lot of stuff around and have full range of motion with your arms – that’s it. Oh, and I guess it’s more convenient to carry those things on your back? I may just be paranoid by nature, but I would much rather carry my most necessary possessions in a spot where I can see them – especially at a music festival surrounded by tens of thousands of people I’ve never met before. Also, having to swing the pack back and forth every time you want to get into it can get old – at a summer/spring music festival you’re reaching into your bag for way more than money, think water..snacks…checking set times…phone for pictures…and grabbing your wallet to buy a $2 semi-chilled water.

My recommendation: The Presently In Cinturon Mochila <– shop it here!

I really liked carrying my mochila around the coachella grounds, and I got a lot of compliments on it too! If you want something easily accessible, and gives off mad festival vibes this bright orange bucket bag is for you. The cinturon mochila is a statement piece by itself , it literally translates to “belt bag” in english, because of the traditional Quechua 3-inch-wide belt that makes up the strap.  The decorative poms on the drawstrings are the best, and it’s so bright you’ll have a hard time losing it. The inside is lined with a zippered pocket – that’s where you’ll want to keep your ID and chapstick. Don’t forget chapstick. Not lip gloss – chapstick. Thank me later.


This is how I styled it at Coachella

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The other awesome thing about this bag is that you can fit 3 full size water bottles inside, and water is life and music festival sunshine can nearly suck the life out of you. I’m not sure which festival we’ll check out next, but I know I’ll be bringing my mochila with me 🙂

If you’re not much of a purse person then I recommend a fanny pack. I saw them ALL OVER at coachella, and you can find tons of cute ones on Amazon. My fanny pack has sunflowers on it.

Cute Fanny Packs!


Leopard Print

Platinum Gold Snakeskin

Acid Wash Denim

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    Amber H
    May 5, 2017 at 10:58 am

    Mo Pop Festival is one right here in Detroit that I’m really wanting to go to this summer, and Solange is gonna be there!!

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