Vegas Recap! Some Recommendations From a First Timer

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Now that my suitcase is unpacked ( well mostly unpacked πŸ™‚ ) , I want to recap my favorite parts of my trip to Las Vegas! Β I was there for 3 nights & 4 ish days celebrating my aunt’s birthday so we didn’t get super wild…just wild enough πŸ˜‰

The Vdara Hotel was gorgeous! It’s a non-smoking hotel without a casino on the ground floor, so it’s a nice place to come back to after spending a night on The Strip.

img_9209 img_9210

There’s a walkway in the lobby leading directly to the Bellagio which does have a casino, along with a larger than life botanical garden that is a must-see! No matter where you go everything is large and grand. As a midwestern girl ( with a schedule that doesn’t lend to night life ) the hustle and bustle of the strip took some getting used to.

The Cosmopolitan , Chandelier Lounge

Our first night in town we got drinks at The Chandelier Lounge, which is basically dripping in sparkles. You actually feel like you’re drinking in a chandelier. I highly recommend it.

The Eiffel Tower Restaurant

I’ve never felt so fancy! Blink your eyes and you’ll forget that you’re not in Paris. The actual restaurant is quite dark (like waaaaay too dark, like mood lighting then some, you’ll see from the pictures) but that’s okay because outside of the windows is a front row seat to the Bellagio Fountain Show, which is also a must-see. Riding up to the lookout deck costs a little extra, but the view is so worth it.


file_000-52 file_001-123(This is probably the darkest public establishment I’ve ever been to)

Views from the lookout deckΒ 

Reel To Real Blog img_9180 img_9183

Fremont Street , ” Old Vegas”

I loved getting “off strip” to do some exploring. Fremont has all the twinkling lights and penny slot sound effects of the strip but is way less of a people-overload. Fly down the zip line & enjoy slightly more affordable drinks, you won’t be disappointed!

I had a really great time! I will say that the strip was not urban planned for the pedestrian or at least that’s how I felt. There are escalators and stairways leading every which way to cross the street, and we just kind of blended in with the flow of foot traffic to find the one we were looking for. We mainly Uber’d everywhere, and it turned out to be cheaper and more convenient than getting a cab. It was my aunt’s first Uber ride , and I must not have explained it very well because she tried to give our driver a $20 bill lol which he first accepted then returned with a face full of confusion. Remember, things are much farther than they appear! The Luxor may look close, but it’s not. Don’t walk. You’ll regret it. Next timeΒ I want to get out to Red Rock Canyon and do some hiking!

Do you have any Las Vegas recommendations?


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