*VIDEO* Let’s Talk About The ‘Work Bag’ + 5 Bags to Match Your Spring Style

BEFORE you watch this video, let me explain: If you have a job that closes for snow days or holidays, guarantees you a lunch break, or even closes at a specific time there’s a size-able chunk of the population that envies you…so…so so much.

Speaking from my experience in news, news happens when news happens, even when you’re in line at Panera. ( *there’s a whole handful of caramels that I didn’t see at the bottom of the bag until afterwards. I just want to be open about them.) 

I’ve spent about 95% of my career in broadcast TV news on the morning shift. People who come into work on Tuesday and leave on Wednesday or who primarily eat at 24 hour restaurants because of their work schedule are a special group of people that need to plan healthy meals ahead of time, and do things like brush their teeth at work on a pretty regular basis. ( I’m not the only one right?)

All of these irregularities culminate themselves into a beast of an accessory, with durable straps, and the space to carry 1 weeks worth of rations.

I bought mine at Forever 21 , below the video you’ll find some other worthy options!


Click The Pictures To Shop!

Charles Lug Tote Blue

Urban Outfitters Vegan Leather Reversible Tote

BAGGU Duck Bag

Old Navy Patterned Canvas Tote

Old Navy Faux Leather Zipper Tote

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