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I’m back and partly unwound from a wonderful wedding weekend in Las Vegas. My best friend is married, and no one lost their rent money on the tables or in the slots! Score! These are friends that I met in college, roomed with, and grew with. At this age it takes a big life event to bring post-college friends back together. Out of our group of three, one is in graduate school in New York, and another is married and living in Southeastern Michigan with her (BRAND NEW) hubby. We’ve had this destination wedding planned for a while now, and I’ll toot my own horn here – it was my idea πŸ™‚ The bride and groom love Vegas and I knew it would be a great spot for them to get hitched. Plus we all got a sweet vacation out of it. We stayed at the Tropicana, and also had the wedding there. The reception was held at the Flamingo.

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It wasn’t all fun and games though… I volunteered my skills to help get the bride ready for her big day. We spent two hours doing her hair and makeup and everything came out gorgeous, but when I tell you I was nervous – I WAS NERVOUS. She’s not an every day makeup wearer, so when I kept powdering and blending her face she started to get anxious and told me to stop part of the way through lol it was probably one of just three bridezilla moments she’s had throughout this entire process, so I let her have that one. We finished and everything came together like a dream.

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~ Wedding Looks ~

Our vegas festivities consisted of a party bus night, and then the wedding night. I wore Belle Row Boutique dresses for both! Bell Row is a cute little Lansing-based boutique owned and operated by a friend of mine who comes through whenever I need something to wear, and it was an emergency because we were only 2 days from the flight date and I still didn’t have anything to wear. My wardrobe has evolved (or devolved) into a strange mix of work clothes, statement pieces, and lounge attire.

Unfortunately, this dress isn’t available online just yet, but if you visit the Belle Row Boutique showroom at the Runway Lansing, you can snag one!

More info on The Runway here!

Β I wore this multi-color halter harvest dress to the ceremony. I spent so long getting the bride together ahead of the ceremony that I only had 20 minutes (including a shower) to get ready and made it to the wedding chapel one minute before the door closed! I don’t think anyone noticed that I honestly only had one eyebrow completely filled in or that I didn’t have time to do my hair because of how adorable this dress was πŸ™‚ and went so well with my boyfriend’s blue suit.

This sexy hi-lo/cut out dress came out for the party bus, and thankfully it IS available online. Guess what? IT’S ONLY $15. Doesn’t it just scream VEGAS! I’ve worn plenty of bodyΒ con dresses and form fitting ones for work, but I’ve never had the guts to by a dress this sexy… and since night-life is non-existent on a morning news shift I wouldn’t have anywhere to wear one. I originally tried on a small, and it fit… but I went with the medium to be more comfortable and move around a little easier. While this dress looks unforgiving, it’s really flattering and actually hid my little stomach pooch quite well. I paired it with simple black heels, and my favorite tassel tiered earrings from Etsy. This was my first time taking them for a spin, and I got so many compliments on them!

If you’re looking for some drama-filled vegas stories you won’t find them here… you know the sayingΒ ‘What happens in Vegas…”Β 

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Black Hi Lo Cut Out DressΒ 

Tassel Tiered EarringsΒ 

Multi-Color Harvest Dress, Not Available Online ( Shop In-Store at The Runway)Β 

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