Winter got you feeling under the weather?

Here we go again. Sniffle season. I’ve been fighting off some nasty sinus and throat plague since Saturday, but it feels like I’m on the tail end of it. Hopefully. I’ve been sitting at home surviving on cough drops and mucinex, and feeling super unproductive, so I rounded up a few blog posts and articles that may help you if the winter bug comes for you next! ( No one wants to be sick over the holidays, and going to work or class everyday can be a germ trap!)

Color Me Courtney Suggests mixing up different warm concoctions in a thermos or water bottle to keep your throat feeling nice and soothed all day long.


I found this Buzzfeed article helpful and delicious, 16 soups to make at home when you’re not feeling well ( the only catch is finding the energy to make these soups… that’s what friends and family are for right?!) has a pretty great landing page sectioned by how you’re feeling “if your nose is runny”, ” if your head hurts”, “if your throat hurts”..very easy to navigate and straight to the point.


Cosmopolitan listed the 8 best food to help your sore throat AND ONE OF THEM IS ICE CREAM.


There is a tea for everything and The Indian Spot will help you find the right one.


Are you sure you have a cold? Or could it be allergies? Walgreen’s breaks it down here.


Hope you browsed the links and found something helpful!

BRB, gotta go blow my nose…


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